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    Cats make great companion pets and offer much love and affection, as with most animals, they come in all shapes, sizes and breeds.

    When deciding to offer a rescue cat a loving forever home its important to consider your choice carefully, do you want a young kitten or would you prefer an older mature cat, would you rather a male or female and of course, would you prefer an indoor or outdoor cat.

    The rehoming donation for an adult cat over one year is £35.00 and a kitten is £45.00.

    Cats rehomed will be neutered*, vaccinated and micro-chipped prior to leaving our care.

    *Subject to veterinary advice. Puppies will leave our care with a neutering voucher.

    Our Rehoming Team are on hand to answer your questions Mon, Wed &

    Fri from 9:30am - 5:30pm

    03000 999 000 (option 2)

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    03000 999 000

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