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    Rehoming a dog is a big commitment and comes with responsibility.  Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and its important to discuss with all family members on the best breed, age and temperament before deciding on offering a rescue dog a forever home.  

    All dogs that come into our care undergo a behavioural and temperament assessment however, as some dogs may have come into our care as a result of neglect, abuse or other circumstances, we cannot guarantee the behaviour of the dog.

    The rehoming donation for an adult dog over one year is £85.00 and a puppy is £105.00.

    Dogs rehomed will be neutered*, vaccinated and micro-chipped prior to leaving our care.

    *Subject to veterinary advice. Puppies will leave our care with a neutering voucher.

    Our Rehoming Team are on hand to answer your questions Mon, Wed &

    Fri from 9:30am - 5:30pm

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